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GOPB Ratings

These policies are effective beginning June 1, 2020 and may be changed by the Ratings Committee with GOPB board approval.

If you would like to be rated or think you have improved enough that your rating has changed, please watch for the announcement of a RATINGS CLINIC.

You will be asked to take a written rules test & play a few games

The rule book can be downloaded here and a rules test taken HERE.


2.5 rating can be earned by a member after the candidate’s play and knowledge of the basic rules has been assessed and reviewed by a court monitor or ratings committee member.  If the candidate meets the requirements of a 2.5 level player, the person doing the rating then needs to contact Mary Williams at (405) 202-5373 to have the member's rating updated.

3.0 rating can be earned by a member after the candidate’s play and knowledge of the basic rules has been assessed and reviewed by a court monitor or ratings committee member.  If the candidate meets the requirements of a 3.0 level player, the person doing the rating then needs to contact Mary Williams at (405) 202-5373 to have the member's rating updated.  When a GOPB member has advanced to a club 3.0 rating, it is recommended that they enter any future tournaments as a 3.0 or higher in any doubles competition.   If player fails to enter as a 3.0 or higher, that member could lose their higher club rating.

For the GOPB member who is currently a 3.0 USAPA or 3.0 club-rated member and wishes to become a 3.5 club-rated member:

  • 1.    You must take the USAPA rules test for players and score 85% or greater (follow the link HERE OR)
    • o   Go to
    • o   Click on the Rules and Referees tab
    • o   Click on the Ratings Test tab
    • o   Select Player Test and begin
  • 2.   Once you get your results, forward to Mary Williams at  If you don’t get an 85% score you can take it again immediately.  YOU MUST GET AN 85% OR ABOVE TO QUALIFY FOR 3.5.
  • 3.    Upon completion of the rules test and sending results to Mary Williams, you must inform Will Williams via email at that you would like to participate in the “ratings skill evaluation.” The time, date and place of this evaluation will be determined by those on the ratings committee.  By participating in this challenge, it will be determined if you have achieved the 3.5 club rating.  If you do not pass the skill evaluation, you can try again in 30 days.  The committee will let you know what skills need improvement.
  • 4.    When a GOPB member has advanced to a club 3.5 rating, it is recommended that they enter any future tournaments as a 3.5 or higher in any doubles competition.   If player fails to enter at 3.5 or above, that member could lose their higher club rating  This will also pertain to those individuals who tested and received a 3.5 club rating in 2019.

Achieving a 4.0+ rating

To have a 4.0+ rating, you must achieve this rating in USAPA tournament play only.  Any individual who advanced to a club 4.0+ level in the past will be recommended that they enter any future tournaments as a 4.0 or higher in any double’s competition.  If player fails to enter at their club rating or above, that member could lose their higher club rating.



From our GOPB President & Board of Directors,

First, let me say, I do not believe that there is any perfect path to move forward during this unprecedented time. If you follow Facebook as closely as I do, you know there is a big division among pickleball players across the nation on whether we should or should not be playing. Truth be told, I really want to play! But I have done my part to social distance because I care for the health and safety of each one of you. Now is not the time for us to be divided, but to support and care for one another. It is time to put the needs of other club members before our own and to hold to Governor Stitt’s orders as laid out in his last briefing. (attached below.)

Phase 2: (Goal of May 15, 2020)
(subject to all Phase 1 guidelines being met)
Group gatherings limited to 50 or less
Continue following safer-at-home guidelines if they are over 65 or part of a vulnerable population
Maintain social distancing from others when in public
Avoid socializing in groups that do not readily allow for appropriate social distancing
Consider resuming non-essential travel

With Governor Stitt’s plan above, it is the decision of the GOPB board not to have any club-run activities until Phase 3, (provided that Phase 2 has not been extended). This has been a difficult time for us all and with an end in sight, it seems almost harder to be patient, however, a few more weeks are worth it to protect the people and the game that we love so much.
Thank you for your cooperation during this time.

Gene Click and GOPB Board of Directors

Update May 1, 2020 (6am PT)

USAPA COVID-19 Return to Play – Guidance on Safe Return to Play

USAPA has provided information on the safe return to play. The information does not apply for everyone as stay-at-home restrictions and mandates vary state to state. However, if you live in an area where local stay-at-home or shelter-in-place mandates have been relaxed or modified, and courts are available for play, we encourage you to take every precaution and follow these safety recommendations as well as those implemented and required by your facility or club and local, state and federal government authority.


USAPA Sanctioned Tournaments (May 15 – June 2, 2020)

As USAPA continues to monitor the national emergency over the coronavirus pandemic, effective immediately USAPA is suspending USAPA sanctioning of existing pickleball tournaments through June 2, 2020. The health and safety of all participants, spectators, volunteers and staff is our foremost concern. This is very consistent within Governmental Standards and across the sports industry landscape. 

For Better or For Worse: Playing Pickleball with Your Spouse

January 30, 2020

By Jennifer & Clayton Edwards, GAMMA Contracted Players

Whenever I (Jennifer) ask people if they play mixed doubles with their spouse, the usual response I get is a chuckle and something on the lines of “It’s best if we want to stay married that we don’t.”  They are usually surprised when they find out Clayton and I are married and are playing together.

Clayton and I are unique as we both grew up playing competitive tennis, so transitioning to pickleball was pretty easy.  Clayton introduced me to pickleball when we first dating in October 2015, and a married couple was the first ones that played with us – so we thought it was normal for a husband/wife team to be playing together.

The beginning of our relationship on the pickleball court was challenging – I didn’t understand why Clayton wanted to be on my side of the court and take my shots.  But now that we have been playing at a higher competitive level, I just stay out of the way and just do my job – dink and set up the points.

Playing together is not always easy, but it has been rewarding and has strengthened our relationship.  We enjoy getting to compete and travel together for tournaments. Also, it is nice having a forever mixed doubles and practice partner.

Playing with your spouse may not be for everyone, but for those who do, here are some tips we wanted to share.

5 Tips Playing Pickleball with your Spouse

  1. Start each game with a sign of affection. We start off before each match with a hug. If you’re less socially inhibited or want to psych out of your opponents, you can go in for a big sloppy kiss.
  2. Take Time Outs. If one or both of you start getting mad, take a time out.
  3. Most teams will try to pick on one player.  Make a game plan of stacking or when to poach to help avoid a player being isolated.
  4. Even just 1 day a week can improve your game significantly. Practice dinking, 3rd shot drops, or where else you think you need work.  Make a dinking game with a friendly wager.
  5. Remember it’s just Pickleball. Even at a tournament, it’s still a silly game with a silly name.  Remember that your partner is your spouse that you love and you must spend time with after the game.  Often the best parts of pickleball tournaments are the time off the court, meeting friends and travelling to new places together.

Pickleball Code of Conduct

Every person involved in pickleball (participant, official, volunteer, or representative of the USAPA & GOPB or spectator) pledges as follows:

  1. I will not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct or encourage others to do so.
  2. I will not engage in any behavior that would endanger the health, safety or wellbeing of others.
  3. I will not engage in the use of profanity.
  4. I will treat others with respect.
  5. I will exhibit fairness and honesty in my dealings with others.
  6. I will not flaunt my position.
  7. I will not use USAPA records or materials for personal gain.
  8. I will observe the Golden Rule of doing unto others as I would have them do unto me.

The above Code applies in all situations that relate directly or indirectly to pickleball play.


Guest and New Members

Check the calendar and see where we are playing. Guest & Beginner Lessons at Santa Fe Family Life Center (6300 N. Santa Fe) have a $8 gym fee to learn to play. They are on Wednesday mornings at 9am. 
Club membership is $40 per year. This includes a club name tag.

Become a member

GOPB is growing and we would love to have you join us.  We have players from ages 11-87. Check our locations and play a free round or two, paddles are provided. Once you are hooked, just click below: 


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