GOPB Court Locations & Facility Monitor

1. Quail Springs Baptist Church, Recreation Center (14613 N. May Ave., Oklahoma City, OK). We play there M-F mornings starting at 8:00 am. We have one court Monday and 3 courts Tues-Friday. The following link gives you information about the Recreation Center. Price to play $40 per year or $10 a month.  Quail Springs Athletic Center Jim Myers 405-202-0041

2. Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (308 NW 164th St, Edmond, OK). Now Stephenson Park for Summer. We have 3 courts in the Family Life Center from 6-9 pm on Friday evenings & 8-11 am Fall, Winter, Spring on Saturdays. A security system only allows PB players in the Family Life Center during the above time. During spring and summer, we play at Stephenson Park 5-8pm Friday and 8:30-11:30am Saturdays.  Jimmy Mock 405-330-9228 

3. First Baptist Church of Moore (301 NE 27th St, Moore, OK). We have 3 courts in the gym from 8am to 11am on Monday, 10am-2pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ken Davis 405-317-0099.

4. Norman NE 12th Rec Center (1701 12th Ave NE, Norman, OK). We have three courts in the gym 6-9pm on Wednesday, Friday nights & Sunday nights. Jolly Brown 405-308-6778

5. St. Paul's Lutheran Church (10600 N. Council, OK). We have 3 courts taped. "Ladies Only" Tuesdays 9:30 to 12pm. Carolyn Behrens 405-550-4494

6. UCO Wellness Center, Wednesdays 5:00PM-8:00 (100 N. University Dr., Edmond, OK). Three taped courts on basketball floor. Per UCO Staff, there are no “Patient Parking Only” spaces any more.  Parking on Campus is no longer available unless you possess a UCO permit parking tag.  Sometimes they ticket and sometimes they don’t.  Parking violation is $30.  Parking is available in the residential streets west of University Drive or at/near Gossett Park.  The Gossett Park area is the least walking distance to the Wellness Center. If you see my car parked in the “Patient Parking Only Space,” it is because I went in to tape the courts and then will move my car after taping is finished.  Tien Nguyen 405-436-3628

7. Santa Fe Life Center (6300 N Santa Fe Ave, Oklahoma City, OK). We have at least 6 courts taped on two basketball courts. Monday thru Friday 6am-1pm.   Must be a member of Santa Fe club. GOPB has a special membership fee. Call for details. Organized play starts at 9am Mon-Fri. Beginner lessons Wednesday mornings 9:00am. Gym guest fee is $8. Rocky Arrington 405-420-4791

8. Cherokee Hill Baptist Church (5700 NW 63rd, Oklahoma City, OK). Closed until further notice.

9. Woodson Park Gym (3403 S May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK). TEMPORARILY CLOSED FOR REMODELING. We have 3 courts taped on a basketball court. Monday through Friday 12:00-3:00pm. Michelle Simpson 405-738-7050

10. Cleveland County YMCA (1350 Lexington, Norman, OK). We have 2 courts taped on a basketball court. Tuesday & Thursdays 9:00-10:00am. Must be a member of the YMCA to play. Ron Ponder 405-326-6760

11. Metropolitan Baptist Church (7201 W. Britton Road, Oklahoma City, OK). We have 3 courts taped on a basketball court. Friday evening 6-9pm. Remember GOPB is the guest of these church members. Juli Cowden 405-623-5188

12. OakTree Country Club (700 W. Country Club Dr, Edmond, OK). We have 4 courts taped on a tennis court. Play is on Monday morning 9:30AM to 11:30AM and Thursday evening from 7:30PM to 9:30PM. The cost is $5 dollars an hour plus tax. Jayne Underwood 405-823-8786

13. Oakdale Elementary School (10901 N. Sooner Rd, Edmond, OK). We have 6 lighted outdoor pickleball courts painted lines on tennis courts. Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm-9:00pm. Rod Mills 405-923-1304 Patty Mills 405-706-3150

14. Yukon Community Center (2200 S. Holly Ave, Yukon, OK). Play is on Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30am to 1:00pm.  Entry fee is free for Yukon residents and $5.00 for non-residents. League on Thursday nights. Check with gym for info and price. Yukon Community Center 405-354-8442

15. Hidden Trails Country Club (6501 S. Country Club Drive, Oklahoma City, OK). 4 indoor pickleball courts and 4 outdoor pickleball courts.  Monday & Friday has open play from 6:30pm to 8:30pm for $5.  Brian Richardson 405-237-9366 & Nate Malone 405-834-9855

16. Kickingbird Tennis Center (1500 E Danforth Rd, Edmond, OK). 3 indoor tennis courts taped for pickleball.  Saturdays has open play from 6:00pm to 10:00pm for $5.

17. Solid Rock Basketball (140 W 15th St, Edmond, OK). Indoor basketball gym taped for pickleball.  Open play Thursday from 12:30-3:00pm for $5.

18. Premiere SportsPlex (111 Premier Parkway, Norman, OK). Indoor volleyball gym taped for pickleball.  Open play Wednesday night from 6:00pm to 9:00pm for $3.

19. Southern Oaks (6818 S. Walker Ave, Oklahoma City, OK.  73109).  Indoor gym taped for pickleball.  Open play Tues-Fri 11:45-2:45.  

City Court Locations

1. Stephenson Park - (S. Littler Ave. & E. Fourth St. Edmond, OK). We have 4 courts painted on a tennis court by the Edmond Parks & Recreation. Play is on M-W-F from 8am-11am. No scheduled times for outdoor play during winter. If weather is nice Friday evening 5pm-dusk and Saturday morning 8:30am - 11am play may be here instead of Holy Trinity. Robert Sherrill 405-478-7058   Jimmy Mock 405-330-9228

2. Hefner Park (Coming Soon) - (3301 NW Grand Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73116).  There will be 4 outdoor, lighted, pickleball courts to be temporarily taped or chalked.  Courts will eventually be painted by Oklahoma City Parks & Recreation.  Temporary nets are to be supplied by the players.

3. Sellers Park (Coming Soon) - (8320 S. Villa Ave, Oklahoma City, OK.  73159).  There will be 4 outdoor pickleball courts to be temporarily taped or chalked.  Lines will eventually be painted by Oklahoma City Parks & Recreation.  Temporary nets are to be supplied by the players.

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