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    2018 State Games of Oklahoma

    OKC Tennis Center

    3400 N Portland Ave Oklahoma City, OK     

    Welcome to the State Games of Oklahoma presented by OKC All Sports Association.  This tournament is a qualifier for the State Game of America 2019 in Lynchburg, VA. I would like to take this opportunity to give you some up front information about what to expect.  Be sure to check your emails several times till then for updates.

    General Information:

    Please look over the information at the bottom of this email to make sure we have you correctly listed in all your events.  If there is a change that needs to be made, please email me:

    It is critical that ALL Players read the information at the bottom of this email on what players need to know prior to tournament play.


    Players and referees check in 30 minutes before you are scheduled to play
    Practice on Thursday– 5:00pm 6 pickleball courts will be available for practice. 7:30pm 10 more courts will be open until 9:30pm.

    Practice on Friday– Some courts will start opening up about 3:00. Practice until 7:30.

    If you owe money, please be prepared to pay in cash when you check in.

    Check In 
    •    Check-in begins at 7 a.m. daily. You must check in every day. Bring a picture ID as required by USAPA
    •    Check in 30 minutes before your first match each day.
    •    Players will receive a red wrist band for identifying the first server
    •    After the match is announced you will have 5 minutes to be ready for play including the warm-up time
    •    Water bottles will be allowed on the courts; no bags will be allowed on the courts

    Start times are now posted for all three days of SGOO.   The schedule is subject to change, so check it daily.  Click here for Schedule of Play    
    Format – All games in the winner’s bracket and gold medal matches will be the best 2 of 3 games to 11, win by 2. Bronze medal match will be 1-15, win by 2.  All games in the second chance brackets will be 1 game to 15 win by 2.  Round Robin matches will be 3 games to 11 win by 1.

    Food at the Tournament – Lunch will be provided for the players each day.  Snacks will be available each day.

    Port-a-potties:   Four will be located at the south side of the building. 

    Court set-up –We have 16 courts on regular indoor tennis courts. The Onix Pure 2 indoor orange ball will be used for 3.5 & below matches & the Dura 40 outdoor yellow ball will be used for 4.0 & above matches.  The singles matches may have skill levels combined.  If 3.5 or below is combined with a 4.0 or above levels the Onix Pure 2 ball will be used.  

    Brackets – Brackets will be viewable at 12:01AM the day the event is played. Show events/brackets

    Referees – With the large number of participants and 16 courts we will need a lot of referees. Referees will be paid $5 for each match they referee.

    Referee Shifts – After you have reviewed what time you play each day. Sign up to referee.  In a second email you will receive a link to sign up for a 2 hour time slot. Sign up for as many as you want.  

    The Friday singles matches are a great time to get experience.  Please help out the referee coordinators by giving of your time, talent and volunteer to “ref”.   

    Player Pre-Orientation
    2018 State Games ofOklahoma

    You are receiving this because you are either playing or refereeing in thistournament.
    This tournament will be using a new format for how Referees will review andpresent the Match Pre-Orientation instructions that is given prior to eachmatch.  

           The referee will only ask the Player’sif they have read the Pre-orientation instructions. 
                                                           Player’s will be responsible for: 

          Reading andunderstanding Pre-Orientation Instructions.
        Reading and Understanding all IFP rules as stated in theOFFICIAL TOURNAMENT RULEBOOK.

    The pre-orientation instructions are outlined below and it is now the player’sresponsibility to review, read and understand them:
    1.  Wait for the referee to completely call the score before you begin yourserve.  This is your warning.  A Fault will be called if you servebefore the score is called.
    2.  Players call the center line on serves.  Referee will call NVZline (ball hitting) on serves.
    3. Players make all line calls loud and clear. Players can appeal to referee onlines calls.  Referee’s will not call lines (balls in or out), unlessasked.  Exceptions will be Matches that have line judges.
    4.  The referee watches for foot faults at the NVZ and server footfaults. 
    5.  Players can ask two questions “Am I the correct server” and “Am I inthe correct position”. The referee will only answer the question you haveasked, ask both questions if you are not sure.
    6.  Each team gets Two 1-minute timeouts per-game.   Refereewill announce 15 seconds and players must then get into position by the end ofthe 1-minute time out. Referee will then call the score, you have 10 seconds toserve and be ready to receive.  It is recommended that Players placepaddles on courts in correct court position, ball under servers paddle, when atime out is called.
    Remember the Code of Ethics for Line-Calling. Questionable line callsmust be resolved in favor of the opponent.
    Referee will do introductions, verify players, wrist bands, check Paddles,inform players of type of match (2 out of 3 to 11 win be 2, 1 to 15 win be 2).Ask one of the players to select a 1 or 2, winner selects serve-side-receive.
    Referee will then ask, “Player’s have you read the pre-orientationinstructions” and understand the Rules”, Player’s need to answer “YES”. Reminder, wait for me to call the score or it’s a fault and call your linecalls loud and clear.  Any Questions. Let’s Play Pickleball.
    This should move the matches along faster, give players all the available timeto warm up, if needed and get on to playing Pickleball.  If we are tocontinue to improve and strive to make Tournament Pickleball more professionalthen you the players must understand all aspects of TournamentPickleball.  The responsibilities are now on the players.
    Thank you and we hope you enjoy playing at the State Games of Oklahoma.

    Vicky Noakes, SGOOTournament Director


  • 09/28/2014 4:27 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Drew Schroeder from KSBI TV Channel 52 came out to do a segment called "Drew vs. Pickleball"   Sherry Prince was the spokesperson for GOPB and several members helped with the segment.

    Watch IT 


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