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How do I get rated?

For a description of the IFP Ratings Click Here


- Everyone starts here


- Know or learn the basic rules on Kitchen, Score, Foot Faults, and what is considered IN or OUT

- Demonstrate several different shots - serves, dinks, baseline shots, etc 

- Ask anyone on the Ratings Committee to rate you or take the series of three beginner classes offered by the club.


- Enroll in a Ratings Clinic OR  ask the court monitor or a ratings committee member to set up a time for a committee member to

observe the following skills:    

1) Consistent Serves

2) Extended play on a point

3) Starting to play the dink game

4) Learn the basic rules of the game


- Full testing according to the GOPB Rating Evaluation on our website.

- Sign in on & take the rules test on the USA Pickleball website and email a copy of your results to Mary Williams.

- Requires a minimum of 2-3 Ratings Committee members to test you

4.0 and above

- Can be earned in outside USA Pickleball sanctioned tournaments 


The usual sequence for the evaluation is: knowledge test & evaluation of your performance in a game setting. An alternate sequence may be adopted if it makes more sense at the time.

Knowledge Test - This test is a fifty question, open book, multiple choice quiz on the rules of the game. Go online at the USAPA website ( You must log on to the website to get your results sent back to you. The Player Quiz can be accessed under the “Rules & References” tab. Upon completing the quiz, you will be emailed a copy of your test results if you have logged in. You must achieve 85%or higher. A copy of this email can be emailed to Mary Williams before your evaluation.

Shot Skill Evaluation - This evaluation will be done during game play. These shots are:

  • forehand and backhand dink shots from the NVZ line, straight across the net as well as crosscourt shots 
  • forehand and backhand soft drop shot from the NVZ line 
  • forehand and backhand drop shots from the baseline (criteria – shots landing in the NVZ and in a variety of spots)
  • forehand and backhand ground strokes (criteria – pace, placement, depth and control of spin)
  • forehand and backhand volley from midcourt (criteria – pace, placement and depth)
  • overhead shots (criteria – pace and variety of placement)
  • lob shot (criteria – height, depth and placement) Note: this shot must go over a volunteer standing near the NVZ line with his paddle raised above his head.
  • serves from odd and even courts (criteria – target cones will be set up 3 feet from the baseline – depth; and 3 feet inside the sideline and the centerline of the service area – placement, height and pace)
  • return of serves from odd and even courts (criteria –depth [within 3 feet of baseline], placement [within 3 feet of sideline or centerline] and pace)

Evaluation of Performance in a Game - Here’s your opportunity to demonstrate your skills in a game setting. Normally you will participate in several games and normally with other players undergoing a rating evaluation. Areas of play that will be evaluated are:

 Mobility – how well you move about the court as you cover your part of the court and set yourself for anticipated shots

 Team coordination and movement – movement in concert with your partner and communication with your partner

 Quickness – reaction to quick shots at the net

 Eye-hand coordination

 Shot variety – demonstrate as many different shots as possible; score is based on skillful execution of the full spectrum of shots, not on winning the game.

 Court awareness – shot anticipation, proper consideration for the NVZ, awareness of court boundaries

 Dink exchange at the net

Ratings Committee

Will Williams (Chairman) 595-6898

Don Stanek 694-5176

Vicky Noakes 206-3909

Mike Rangel 478-2079

Michelle Simpson 738-7050

Mary Williams 202-5373

Rocky Arrington 420-4791

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