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USAPA/IFP Pickleball Rules

The original USAPA organization published the first pickleball rulebook in March, 1984.  When the USAPA re-established and re-incorporated in 2005, the book was reviewed and amended to resemble the rules used today.  Shortly after its formation in 2010, the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) adopted the USAPA rulebook, with permission from USAPA.

This was an important step for international growth as the adoption of a singular rulebook ensures consistency in game play and regulations wherever pickleball is played.  The full IFP member and affiliate member organizations representing their respective countries have all agreed to observe the “USAPA/IFP Official Tournament Rulebook” within their respective countries.

USAPA/IFP Rulebook

As with all IFP member countries, USAPA follows the rules adopted by the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP). As of Jan. 25, 202 the 2021 Edition is now available for download.   Go to

The USAPA is pleased to release the 2021 Official Rulebook. The review process started in April of this year and has included the work of well over 35 volunteer USAPA members and staff along the way. Accompanying the Rulebook is a ‘Rules Change Document’ (see the 2021 Rule Revisions below). It attempts to provide reasons behind the changes, in some cases with example scenarios.  Readers may find it helpful to become familiar with it first.

2021 Rule Revisions

To aid in recognizing and understanding the rule changes, we are providing rulebook revision documents. These documents are not intended to cover every wording change, but are designed to guide you through the significant rule changes.

USAPA Referee Rules Test
This online Referee Test is Phase I of the USAPA referee training and certification programs. It tests your knowledge of the USAPA/IFP Official Tournament Rulebook and the USAPA officiating best practice procedures contained in the Referee Handbook and the Line Judge Guide. USAPA highly recommends that you study these training materials prior to taking the test.

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USAPA Player Quiz
This 50-question rules quiz is designed as a fun exercise for players who mainly participate in non-officiated play. Although the rules are the same for recreational and tournament play, when there is no referee to enforce the rules, the players must govern themselves. So, if you want to test your knowledge of the IFP/USAPA rules, give this quiz a try. A reference to the related section in the IFP/USAPA rules is included at the end of each question. But don’t spoil your fun! Complete the quiz and see which questions you miss before referring back to the rulebook.

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