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GOPB Ratings

If you would like to be rated or think you have improved enough that your rating has changed please watch for the announcement of a RATINGS CLINIC.

You will be asked to take a rules written test, a physical test and play a game. 

The rules book can be downloaded here and a rules practice test that you can take is here

GOPB Pickleball Rating Evaluation

Player Name:  ______________________________           Current Rating: ______________

Address:          ______________________________           Email: _______________________

Skill                                                             # out of 10          Skill                                                            # out of 10_

Forehand dinks from NVZ line                      ________        Forehand ground stroke                               ________         

   (direction,placement)                                                                  (placement,depth,height,pace,slice,flat,top)

Backhand dinks from NVZ line                      ________        Backhand ground stroke                              ________   

   (direction,placement)                                                                    (placement,depth,height,pace,slice,flat,top)

Forehand drop from baseline                       ________         Forehand soft drop                                      ________

   (3rd shot into NVZ)                                                                       (varied pace from NVZ line)

Backhand drop from baseline                       ________        Backhand soft drop                                       ________

   (3rd shot into NVZ)                                                                       (varied pace from NVZ line)

Forehand volley from mid-court                    ________        Overhead                                                     ________

   (direction,depth,placement,pace)                                                    (direction,depth,placement,pace)

Backhand volley from mid-court                    ________        Lob                                                              ________

   (direction,depth,placement,pace)                                                    (depth,placement)

Serve deuce court                                         ________        Return of serve deuce court                        ________

   (placement,height,depth,pace)                                                        (placement,depth,pace

Serve ad court                                               ________        Return of serve ad court                              ________

   (placement,height,depth,pace)                                                        (placement,depth,pace)


Note: stroke completion count will be adjusted downward depending on criteria listed below stroke description.  For example, if serve is in 8 out of 10 times, but every serve is the same speed, depth, height, and to the same place in the court, the stroke completion count may be lowered by 1 for each criteria not met.

Game evaluations         (1 game minimum)______________________________________________________

Knowledge of rules (test results)                                _____       Shot variety     (adjust to ball speed,change pace)      ____     

Court awareness / coverage / positioning         _____       Mobility         (forward,backward,lateral,under control)  _____          

    (NVZ faults,shot anticipation,out balls)                                                 

Doubles team movement (communication,net control)  ______         Dink exchange at net (ability to create put-away shot)_____                                                 

Quickness  (hands,feet,control)                                    ______       Hand-eye coordination                                        _____

Legend: 0 = not able to execute          

              1 = poor execution

              2 = fair execution but needs lot of work     

              3 = good execution but needs work

              4 = solid/consistant execution

Game Evaluation (objective rating)

Players will compete in a minimum of 1 game, more if time allows changing partners so you can be evaluated with and against different players.  If the game is being played in a manner that does not produce a variety of shots (ie: all baseline bangers). You will receive a zero rating in some areas (ex: dinks) unless you demonstrate your ability in the other areas.

Final Evaluation

Once you have completed the evaluation and the ratings committee determines your new ratings, they discuss the evaluation with each player being evaluated.  You will be informed of what you are doing well and what they need to improve upon to advance upward in the ratings.  A copy of the completed rating form will be given to you.


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