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Why is GOPB changing the way we do ratings?

The good news is GOPB is growing! However, it has grown so quickly, the ratings committee wants to meet the demand of our 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 & 3.5 recreational players. GOPB has chosen to do this with the DUPR rating system. This rating system will enable members, recreational and competitive, to achieve a rating or validate an existing rating through a system that recognizes their ability when playing games against others.

What is DUPR?

Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating. All players, regardless of their age, gender, location, or skill, are rated on the same scale between 2.000-8.000 based on their game results.

Who can have a DUPR rating?

DUPR is free and everyone can have a rating. GOPB players will have to play at least 15 games (1-11,1-15, or 1-21) before your DUPR rating will be listed as your club rating. If your rating has an * that means you have fewer than 15 matches recorded in DUPR. That is if the DUPR rating is higher than your current club rating. If you have played in a Pickleball tournament you may have a DUPR rating and can claim your account on

How do I get my starting rating?

  1. All new players start with a 2.0 club rating.
  2. All ratings are listed on your member profile. You may view it anytime.

How do I improve my rating?

You will need to participate in DUPR rating events. They will be held at several different facilities in Oklahoma City and Edmond. You can play in a tournament that reports their scores to DUPR or you can report your scores of a game you play, if all 4 players are DUPR members and agree to report the scores before the game is played.

Do I have to play in DUPR games?

No, if you are happy with your current club rating and you aren’t interested in improving that rating to play in higher level club activities or courts; we will use your present club rating. Anytime you want to participate in one of the DUPR events you are welcome if you have a DUPR account. Also, if you are going to play in any tournaments in the future, some may be using DUPR ratings.

Optimized for Accuracy

DUPR is a modified Elo algorithm that uses a player’s last 30 (singles) or 60 (doubles) eligible games. The algorithm considers three factors:

  1. Points Won: How many points did you win?
  2. Outcome: Did you win or lose?
  3. Type of Result: Was this a self-posted rec play score, a league game, unsanctioned tournament, or a sanctioned tournament result? Each type of game holds a different percentage when figuring your rating in the algorithm.

Will all events (Round Robins or Shootouts) always be a DUPR event?

No, the DUPR events will be announced ahead of time, and you will be invited based on your club rating to participate or not.

Will courts at KB and SF still be divided by skill levels?

Yes, skill level-based events (Open skill-level play, Court divisions, Round Robins, Shootouts, etc.) will still be organized by your Club Rating. If you want to play on a higher-level court, your rating must increase through DUPR games to earn that privilege.

How often will my rating be changed?

  • UTPR & WPR update ratings currently the first week of each quarter (Jan, April, July, & Oct).
  • DUPR ratings are downloaded weekly, but GOPB ratings will change monthly on the first Wednesday, if the rating has reached an additional .25 of the whole number (2.25, 2.50, 2.75, 3.00, 3.25, 3.50, 3.75, 4.00 etc.).
  • USSP currently updates every two months. Next one is 3/1/23

Will my Club rating ever go down?

Yes, they will go up and down depending on your performance in DUPR and or tournament play.

Example of the Club ratings and how they are changed.

Your current DUPR Is 4.73.

Your UTPR is 3.5.
Your WPR is 3.5.
Your USSP is No Rating.
Your current club is 3.5

Updated ratings on your Profile page will show the following.

Highest is DUPR, so we make your club rating a 4.50.
Then your actual DUPR rating is posted as 4.7
All the others stay the same.
If your DUPR was showing 4.75 - 4.99 your club rating would be 4.75

What GOPB facilities will participate in DUPR events?

We are happy to help any facility learn how to put on a DUPR event. We would ask that facility to actively promote the membership of GOPB to participate in the events. KICKINGBIRD and SANTA FE will be participating.

Can I input my own games into the DUPR rating system?

Yes, if all players in the game(s) agree, and have a DUPR account, this can be done.

What if I’m unrated and I play against other unrated players?

That’s okay! You can still have a provisional rating (shown with an asterisk*) and once you or the other players play against someone who does have a DUPR, you will become reliably rated (with15 games). This is called “connectivity”.

What is a provisional rating and what makes a rating reliable?

Your DUPR becomes reliable based on your connectivity to other players in

the DUPR system and the recency of your results. That means the more you play with different DUPR players and keep playing in DUPR games your rating is more reliable.

Which games do not count towards my DUPR?

  • Games where partners are rated with a difference greater than 1.500
    For example, if a 6.000 rated player partners with a 4.000 rated player, the game would be excluded 
  • Games wherein opponents have a rating difference greater than 1.0
    For example, if two 6.000 rated players play against two 5.000 rated players, the game would also be excluded.
  • Games where neither player/team reaches at least six points are also excluded. If the game is 11-0 the game counts!! One team got above 6 pts.
  • Excluded games will still show up on player profiles but will not be reflected in a player’s DUPR rating.

Will GOPB still have rating clinics with the ratings committee evaluating players?

No, we will be using DUPR and tournament play going forward.

When will the DUPR ratings events be held?

Members will receive a notice through an email from GOPB that a DUPR RR, Shootouts or other events at your skill level will be held on a certain day. Pre-registration may be required on some of these events.

What if I see my rating is wrong on my GOPB profile?

Make sure you read this document regarding when and how the ratings are changed before you address questions or discrepancies to Mary Williams at 405-202-5373.

What do I need to do now to get started?

The ratings’ committee has been working hard entering & updating ratings (1/4/23) from DUPR, UTPR, WPR, USSP & the Club rating.

Thank you, Mary Williams and Don Stanek, for your hard work.

  • Please check your profile on for any mistakes on your ratings. Read the info in this document before you ask questions.
  • Go to Click on the tab at the top “search players” to see if you already have an account to claim. You may have more than one. You will need to have them combined at
  • If you have one to claim, click on the “claim account” tab and log into your account.
  • If you don’t have an account to claim, then make a new account. Use the email & your exact name you have used in your GOPB profile.
  • Then you need to join our club “Greater OKC Pickleball Club (GOPB)” This is on the left of your DUPR profile. You can join as many clubs as you want and you may be members of other clubs already.
  • Support the Oklahoma Clubs!

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