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Policies and Procedures of GOPB


  • Shall preside over all Club meetings and be accountable for the administration of club business.
  • Shall carry out the direction and policies established by the Board.
  • Votes on all Board matters requiring a vote and provides a tie-breaking vote if necessary.
  • All committees, including standing committees, and the Chairpersons thereof, shall be appointed by the President with Executive Board approval.
  • In the event of vacancies on the Executive Board, the President shall appoint, with Executive Board approval, interim replacement Executive Board Members until official elections can be held.
  • Responsibility for managing outreaches into the community & is the principal liaison with community partners.
  • Negotiates contracts with athletic clubs where GOPB plays and manages the affiliate interface with the USA Pickleball Association.


  • Shall perform all duties of the President in the event of the President’s absence or inability to perform.
  • Shall perform other such duties and responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time by the President.
  • Shall be responsible for two of the Committee Chair Persons. (example Communications and Ratings)
  • First Vice-President shall be designated by the Board from the three Vice-Presidents elected by the members.


  • Shall perform other such duties and responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time by the President.
  • Shall be responsible for three of the Committee Chair Persons (example Court Operations, Training & Leagues)


  • Shall perform other such duties and responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time by the President.
  • Shall be responsible for three of the Committee Chair Persons. (example Promotions, Social Activities & Tournaments)


  • Shall record minutes of Board of Directors meetings
  • Keep club records
  • Update the history of GOPB & send to webmaster
  • Conduct all correspondence relating to the Club’s business.
  • Furnish whatever reports to other persons or organizations as may be required.
  • Keep inventory of nets & supplies


  • Shall receive and deposit all moneys due to the Club.
  • Pay all obligations that may be incurred by the Club in the regular course of its business.
  • Shall provide an up-to-date ledger of all financial transactions.
  • All cash receipts, with the exception of petty cash, shall be deposited in the club account.
  • All expenditures by the Club or any member on behalf of the Club must be made by check or club credit card unless it comes from petty cash.
  • Receipts and invoices covering ALL transactions shall be kept by the Treasurer as part of the Club’s financial records
  • Provide financial reports as may be required at all meetings of the Board or General Membership.
  • Consolidates budget request from committee chairs into final annual budget to be presented to the Board.
  • Manages the money that comes in from the payments.
  • Files required taxes for 501(c)(7).


  • Responsible for keeping track of & increasing membership
  • Finds people to welcome new members at each facility & gives them information about the club. Watches for non-members playing at locations and explains about membership.
  • Uses Wild Apricot for membership management Receives a notification by email that a new member has joined (2) goes to member application online and accepts their membership (3) a letter is sent to them about the club and what to do if they want to join Santa Fe or Quail Springs Baptist(4)order name tag from Xcel Badges, pay & pickup (5) deliver name tags
  • Provides signup sheets to all court monitors to check & keep track of players.
  • Deliver collected money with records to the Treasurer
  • Takes pictures for directory & adds to website.
  • Encourages GOPB members to become USAPA members
  • Monitors Santa Fe membership to insure that we maintain 35 members per month. GOPB is responsible for anything below 35 members.


C1. Communications. Responsible for management of all communication channels inside and outside that involve the GOPB.

  • Social Media (Facebook) Monitor pickleball sites for info to post, alerts for pickleball digest daily, photos of local play, tournaments & etc. to add tips and other things of interest to OKC pickleball members. Updated frequently if not daily. Post tournament results and pictures on facebook page.
  • Update Calendar on Website
  • Club updates by email through Wild Apricot management system (administrative access)
  • Webmaster - Update Wild Apricot Website for GOPB- (administrative access). The website is one of the primary sources of information that is available to members for club activities and procedures. Gather information from various sources and try to keep it updated. The goal is to have the website be the main information source to members.
  • Post League results and pictures on website
  • Keep Google calendar updated password ---------
  • Club Newsletter
  • Keep information on bulletin boards in GOPB facilities if available
  • Conducts surveys as needed for the club functions.

C2. Court Operations. Responsible for coordinating locations, court times, and types of play by members of the GOPB.

  • Coordinates play times with facilities GOPB is the prime manager. Keeps communication chair updated on closings of the facility for holidays etc. for emails each week. Excludes responsibility for facilities and OKC locations where the GOPB is NOT prime manager of play.
Quail Springs Baptist
Holy Trinity Lutheran
Woodson Park Gym
First Baptist Church of Moore
Norman NE 12th Rec Center
Westwood Tennis Center- Norman
Santa Fe
St. Paul’s Lutheran
Stephenson Park/Edmond
Wildwood Christian Church
Kickingbird Tennis Center
Yukon Community Center
(Not managed by GOPB)

Metropolitan Baptist
Hidden Trails Tennis
Greens Country Club

Premier Sports Plex - Norman

  • Organization of all member-play may include establishment of differing levels of skill-based play within organized play, establishing hours of and rules for challenge court play, determining and administering ratings systems, determining number and type of sessions at limited-hour venues.
  • Develop hard copy of court schedule
  • Contact with facility on cancellations for holidays & events
  • Orders supplies (balls, nets, tape, temporary paint, etc.)
  • Organization of all member play
    • Skill level
    • Open
    • Round Robin
    • Challenge court
    • Leagues
    • Shoot Outs

C3. Training. Responsible for all issues involved in the instruction of pickleball, developing player skills and knowledge of rules and court etiquette.

  • Finds trainers to manage player development
  • Train the trainers on proper techniques
  • Coordinate clinics with out of town professional instructors
  • Develops instruction & drills for all levels of play
  • Train Referees
  • Teach rules of the game & court etiquette
  • Coordinate Ball Machine practice, check out & training on how to use machine
  • Keeps inventory of club paddles and buys used paddles from members for the club for $25 when needed.

C4. Ratings. Responsible for maintaining a consistent rating system within the GOPB. Ratings help promote competitive balance among members and measure the degree player development.

  • Organize Ratings committee
  • Use IFP rating descriptions
  • Decide on schedule for ratings to be updated
  • Send notices to players when ratings are changed
  • Send notice of ratings to League Chair
  • Send notice of ratings change to Webmaster to change on website.

C5. Leagues. Responsible for establishing assorted league play for GOPB members.

  • Work with Court Operations Chair on court availability
  • Decides on types of leagues, shootouts or ladders
  • Develops notices of leagues & post
  • Send to Communications Chair to send out to membership
  • Manages captains by location for leagues, shootouts, or ladders
  • Updates league results weekly
  • Responsible for end of league awards
  • Take pictures of winners and send to webmaster

C6. Promotions. Responsible for promoting pickleball and the GOPB to the general public in the Greater OKC community.

  • Make flyers about GOPB
  • Write stories and make videos about PB Club.
  • Keep & display banners when needed for GOPB and USAPA
  • Make up handouts on locations and times of play for all facilities.
  • Arrange for demos for new groups that want to start pickleball (they will need to have sign-up sheets & taped before we come)
  • Contact TV stations, newspapers and all other areas of advertising to announce and promote upcoming PB events to the public.
  • Promotional items for club: t-shirts, towels, hats, bags, water bottles, etc.
  • Works closely with the Communications Chair

C7. Social Activities. Responsible for promoting social interaction among club members with various seasonal events.

  • Plans and implements a variety of events during the year – (minimum of 4) in order to encourage the social interaction among all club members.
  • Responsible for providing refreshments & set up for all activities for the GOPB club.
  • Work with Tournament committee to provide food
  • Recruit volunteers to help
  • Call members without emails about events and information in emails
  • Arrange for raffles at social events

C8. Tournament. Responsible for coordinating tournament play in events sponsored by the GOPB & which GOPB’s expertise has been requested.

  • Responsible coordinating tournament play in events sponsored by the GOPB
  • Responsible coordinating tournaments for which GOPB expertise has been requested.
  • Go to Organizing and Running Your Tournament
  • Start Planning Early
  • Coordinate With Your Club
  • Gather A Good Team
  • Coordinate With Your Community
  • Set Tournament Dates
  • Online Desk Operations
  • Desk Brackets
  • Set Dates/Fees/Events/Brackets
  • Develop Registration Form and Flyer
  • USAPA Sanctioning
  • Player/Spectator Consideration
  • Tournament Items to Consider:

    • – Court location
      – Indoor/outdoor
      – Brackets: Age, skill, etc
      – Type of balls
      – Food service
      – Water/sports drink
      – Sponsors and vendors
      – Player snacks
      – Social
      – Player gifts such as T-shirts, towels, bags, tags, inexpensive backpacks, etc
      – Parking
      – Tents (easy-up style), chairs, tables
      – Signage
      – Players bring camp chairs
      – Morning Refreshments

Updated 10/2019

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