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Monitor Guidelines for Greater OKC Pickle Ball (GOPB) Organized Pickleball Play at
Santa Fe Family Life Center (SFFLC)


To provide a maximum amount of opportunities for GOPB members and guests at SFFLC to participate in organized pickleball play in an atmosphere of sportsmanship, fun, and friendship. The consistent organization of these activities requires the effort of member volunteers to participate as Monitors who will take responsibilities for certain duties as listed below. Monitors may participate in the activities at the same time they are volunteering as Monitors.


  1.  Know what groups/levels of players are scheduled for your assigned day, and how many courts will be utilized
  2.  If there may be a need for an additional (tenth) court, check early with the upstairs front desk to ensure availability of the front half of basketball court #1, and let the front desk know the times needed.
  3.  Get the key for the equipment cabinet from the front desk, and return immediately after unlocking the cabinet.
  4.  Monday mornings should be the only mornings when the metal bleachers are out on the courts (from use during weekend basketball tournaments). These mornings will require two (2) monitors arriving earlier than other days to push the bleachers back in place, as well as some of the metal benches.
  5.  From the equipment cabinet, take net bags and balls out, place a bag and orange ball on each PB court as needed (ask members to set up nets as they arrive early). Have green balls out to hand to those playing on tennis courts.
  6.  Roll out and set up round sign-up table (from electrical closet), and bring out white board.
  7.  Get the RR binder from the equipment closet with sign-up sheets and Round Robin play sheets, etc., place on round table.
  8.  Set up cardboard barriers and the 2 net barriers.
  9.  Review pre-registration sheets and/or sign-up sheets and designate players and courts (try to assign courts so that Monitor may play closer to the entry). Get the appropriate round robin sheets from the binder and place with the appropriate groups. Call out the names of the players in each group as needed.
  10.  Monitor behavior and problems that may occur (rules regarding sportsmanship behavior are found on the GOPB website and the SFFLC membership information).
  11.  After activities are completed,
    1.  help ensure that players take down their nets and assist players in placing nets in equipment closet as needed.
    2.  fold/roll up cardboard barriers and place near SE emergency exit.
    3.  Put away the two net barriers.
    4.  Place green and orange balls in equipment closet, also the binder with sign-up sheets
    5.  Place round table and white board in electrical closet
    6.  Place any trash left around the courts in trach cans. Anything left around the courts such as clothing, personal water bottles, etc., should be placed in lost & found bin in the equipment room, and any expensive equipment such as paddles should be taken to the front desk for safe keeping.
    7.  Lock the equipment closet.
  12.  In case of injuries, the monitor should check on the injured individual and determine if the individual requests assistance, would like an ice pack, etc. If the individual is unresponsive, incoherent, or requires/requests emergency attention, call 911 and then report the situation to the SFFLC front desk immediately (remember that in the case of a heart attack or stroke, every minute counts); Monitors and members must NOT attempt to manage such emergencies. Also be familiar with the location of the AED (automated external defibrillator) in case it might be needed; it is located on the pillar between basketball court #1 and the workout room.
  13.  Anyone with questions regarding what type of play and level is scheduled on a particular day may be referred to the GOPB web site for that information.

Below is the link which takes you to the GroupMe “SF Monitors” group, where you can add yourself to the list of Monitors and receive helpful text messages

6/1/22 DM

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