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Instruction for the Electronic Entry into Kickingbird

Rules for Electronic Entrance into the Bubble

During Non-monitored Sessions

*Cameras and electronic records are installed for safety and rule enforcement.

The following guidelines and rules must be followed by each member for the Openpath Security System to work.

1.  Each member must use the Openpath mobile app by clicking the lock icon” to unlock the door.  If you enter as a group each person must click their own lock icon”, even if the door is already open. This replaces our need for sign in sheets as every person will be logged.

2.  Plan ahead. The GOPB insurance does not allow guests to play in the bubble during drop-in/non-monitored times! Non-members are not allowed to enter. If you have an out of town guest and they are 100 miles away from OKC they can buy a $20.00 per year out of town membership. With this discounted membership they will sign an insurance waiver as well as this electronic entrance agreement so that the they can be added to the Openpath Security System. All of this must be done 1 week ahead of when they want to play.

3.   Each member should bring their own balls.

4.   Each member must be 14 years old or older to play without adult supervision. There is no age restriction when playing with parent or guardian.

5.   Each member must leave the bubble by 10:00 pm each night. (City of Edmond requires that we be out by 10 pm)

Violation of these rules will result in necessary disciplinary actions such as possible suspension of some bubble privileges.

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