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Instruction for the Electronic Entry into Kickingbird

If you are thinking, I don't want to play anytime other than Open organized play so I don't need to do this, you are wrong. In the very near future this will be the only way to sign in and everyone going into KB will need this. Please don't delay or wait till the last minute.  We have learned many things in this process, also. Try these steps:

FIRST - You must read & agree to the Electronic Entry agreement on your profile.

How to get to your GOPB profile:

  1. Log into your GOPB account at on your browser.
  2. Click the top right box with arrow pointing right to sign in.
  3. Click on the head at the top right of the GOPB page.
  4. Click on “View Profile” on the top left under your name.
  5. Click on the blue button that says “Edit Profile” at the top left.
  6. When in edit mode scroll down to the bottom and click on KB Keyless rules agreement words in green. Read the document. Hit the back button to go back to your profile. Be sure to click on the square to show your agreement, enter the date on the Electronic Entrance Waiver. Hit the “Save” button. There is one at the top and one at the bottom.
  7. There could be some fields on your profile you need to fill out before it allows you to save. If you have not read, checked and dated the code of conduct, you will also need to do that. Be sure to fill in any other fields that it asks for. Hit save.


SECOND - Download the OpenPath app from your App Store.

THIRD  - Wait & be Patient! When Dee or Vicky receive information that you have signed your agreement. (This is all done manually) We will then make an account for you, give you credentials, and give you access. After that an email is sent to you. Please read what that is wanting you to do. 

  1. Go to your Openpath email and click on the set up phone button.

  2. It will say bluetooth is used to detect nearby Openpath readers. You click the next button.

  3. Click “OK” when it asks if you want to allow bluetooth. This could be the last thing it asks for android. I believe the rest is for an iPhone.

  4. Hit the blue button that says “Tap to select ‘Allow While Using App’.

  5. It will take you to options and then select Allow While Using App.

  6. Click on the blue button that says “Set Location Permission to ‘Always’

  7. It will take you to iPhone settings for location. Hit “while using” and then select “always”.

  8. Go back into the app.

  9. It will ask if you want notifications and that is up to you. You do not have to.

  10. It will then say Openpath would like to access your motion and fitness activity. You don’t have to allow but it will save battery and is more accurate if you do.

  11. You should see an image that looks like a badge with your name on it. Underneath that should be a darker circle inside a lighter one that says “Searching for nearby readers”. If you see that then congratulations, you did it!! When you get close to the bubble door, there will be a strip under that with a lock icon on the left.


    When you come up to the door of the bubble, open the orange “Open" app. The app will only work when you are close to the door. 

    *  You will see your name on a picture of a badge.

    *  Below it will be a strip that has a lock icon on the left.

    *  When you are in close proximity to the door push the icon.

    *  You should hear it unlock.

    If you enter with a group of people, even if the door is open, everyone needs to click on the lock icon on their phone so that you all will be logged into the system so we have record.

    *  Make sure the door locks behind you.

    If you have any problems or questions please contact Dee Hardin (806) 438-6768 or Vicky Noakes (405) 206-3909.

    Try and take it step by step, there is a lot of information, but you can do it!

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